Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cut the crap, bury the fat. Emotional healing inside and out!

It's time to dig deep and find the root to the madness!  Everyone has a reason why they hold their extra weight.  Most of the time it is because of something long ago that triggered some cell in your brain to start holding on... on to weight you never wanted but that is hard to lose.  We all have a reason but most of us don't know why, where, or when it started.  If you never find that little trauma you will never be able to make a full change and better yet, maintain it for life!  Everything in life worth having is hard to find, hard to get, and hard to maintain.  For example, I searched and searched for the love of my life.  When I  finally found him I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  I was in such a horrible, low, dark place in my life I knew I had to change in order to get him and KEEP him for life.  Since I did that 180 change I find myself wondering why?  Why did he choose me over everyone else, especially when I was so broken.  But, because he could also see my potential he knew it would be worth the fight!  This event in my life changed me forever.  Joe and I will always have to maintain our strong relationship but it wasn't easy, and at times it might be easy, but there is always that force pulling the opposite direction and you have to find your weaknesses before it does!  You need to find your own strength to overcome ANYTHING negative, ugly, or broken that will try to tear you down.  Being healthy is most definitely an emotional, spiritual and physical battle daily.  You have to be strong in all areas to constantly succeed and continue day in and day out.  Once one starts slipping something else will.  So with me, I had to sit down and really evaluate what was broken in each of my areas.  I am not trying to preach here and say I am perfect at any of them but I am learning how to balance and keep the 3 strong.  The 3 referring to emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of life.  Start with one, dig deep, and FIX IT.  Only you can do this, only you know what will push you.  Keep moving forward to mend and heal one area at a time to where it is balanced for your life.  But I am telling you from personal experience and talking with so many others who struggle with being fit for life, all areas have to be working together so you feel your best.  I have always been a very confident person, but that doesn't mean I have always "loved" myself or felt like I deserved certain things in life.  I still look at myself in the mirror, as most women do, and ask myself if it will ever be good enough?  Will I ever be thin enough?  Gorgeous enough?  But for who... I truly have found that once I eliminated the X factor of what everyone else might feel about me, I could move forward with how only I felt about myself.  Make sense?  I truly only care about how I look and feel for me.  Obviously my husband and those I love play into it but at the end of the day its all me and what I want.  Find that confidence in yourself.  Tell yourself you ARE worth it, you CAN do it, you will be that person you want to be.  Because without the self love, you can't truly love yourself let alone others!  Being fit and healthy doesn't mean we all have to look like models.  It means we have to look in the mirror and see ourselves as one.  Even with the stretch marks, even with the moles or scars or gray hair.  There can always be that day you love the beautiful reflection you see.  Start healing yourself now and find your broken links in the chain of life.  Nothing can stop you but yourself.  As I tell my sisters when I want to get super pumped up.... OORAH!!!!!!  Do it, you can I know it =)


  1. I love the sentence ... Even with the stretch marks, even,,,,,
    Thank you I loved the read!

    1. Of course! I am full of stretch marks so I can totally relate to anyone ; ) Thanks for reading, I am glad you liked it!