Monday, July 1, 2013

Calorie and food comparison with BLUNT honesty!

This is a huge deal I tell you what!  Sooooo many people have it all wrong when it comes to justifying what they eat.  For example, I was talking to a loved one of mine who proceeded to tell me why eating a twinkie like cake was good for them.  "It has eggs, flour, whey, low fat and carbs.." etc.  I was blown away by the seriousness of this person.  So I pulled the package out and said, "Ok, now lets really look at all these ingredients.  Yes there is flour but its bleached processed flour.  There are artificial colors, flavors, high fructose corn syrup, saturated fat oils, shortening, and all these other ingredients hardly anyone knows what they are!  Now please tell me how this is good for you..."  I still can't wrap my head around peoples rationalization for PROCESSED ARTIFICIAL foods.  Around 75 percent of americans are obese.  Nearly 20 percent of children are obese which has doubled since the previous year.  Diabetes is rapidly growing and heart disease.  It KILLS me to hear all these facts and statistics on our blessed country killing itself with food.  We all love food, who doesn't.  It is time we all start educating ourselves on how our body should be getting taking care of.  There is a huge misperception I think of the health food world.  We all know that eating right is what we should be doing, yet those that live this life style are so heavily scrutinized?  Why?  Its because so many are afraid to dive in and dedicate themselves for life so they mock it.  Just like anything else.  But its time to start living what you know to be right!  Educate yourself with as much knowledge as you can for yourself and your family.  I believe it is one of the most important tools you can pass on to your kids.

  KNOW what you are eating.  Read the labels and ingredients.  Just because it is in the health food section doesn't mean its good for you!  Recognize the difference between processed and whole food.  Here are some simple little things that companies are making a killing off of.  Make sure your food is WHOLE grain.  Whole grain is better for you then multi grain because it is not processed.  Unless of course it specifically says whole grain of the multi grains in it.  Zero calorie drinks and food are packed with crap to keep it tasting good like aspartame, artificial colors and flavors.  Real sugar and butter are better for you then fake sugar or butter.  Just because it might have that stamp "Just good for you" or "heart healthy" doesn't mean it is!  There might be a few things in it that are but most are packed with preservatives and artificial crap once again.

  Like I have said before, if you are calling this a "diet" then you are not ready to lose the weight and keep it off for life.  Make the commitment to eat like this forever so you stay healthy and live longer so you can be around and do things with your family!  Like I said, everything in moderation.  I still give my son candy because if I don't when gets older he will hoard it and have issues with it because he never had it.  It is a treat or to keep him quiet lol but I buy him organic suckers and fruit ropes.  I still give him gummies or mm's but not very often.  Just give and take and find a healthy balance for you and your family.  Make MOST of the foods you eat each day the crazy healthy ones and once a week you get a bad day so you don't feel like you are depriving yourself of old foods you love, portions are everything!  Small people eat small amounts throughout the day.  It is the quality of the calorie!  A 100 calories of veggie soup is obviously way better for you on many levels then a 100 cals of oreos.

Keep exercising daily and find fun ways to do it, involve your family and most of all your kids!   Rarely do you see obese children without obese parents... lead by example and they will follow!  You don't have to look like an olympian to be healthy!  Push yourself hard and the work will show.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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