Friday, April 19, 2013

Interval training!! My workout routine

Your workout routine should never be the same if you want to lose weight fast.  If you have the same routine each time your body starts getting used to it and this is when most people "plateau".  I do different things all the time but some things still stay consistent because I love the machines.  The elliptical is my favorite thing ever and that is what I mainly worked out on to lose all my weight.  I started working out on it again last week, combining just that with catalyst, I lost 2 pounds and quite a few inches!  But when you use that machine you have to use it right.  Your head should not be bobbing up and down.  Keep your hips moving and only your lower body should be moving unless you are on one with arms that move.  I do it for 30 mins constantly changing my intervals.  Every 5 minutes I change it never going down from an incline of 5 and same with the resistance.  I will go up to 7 incline with 7 resistance or whatever I can handle and then go back down and I keep alternating the whole time.  Its killer!!  I keep my strides at least 160-170 or more each time which is crucial,  go as fast as you can the whole time,  I burn so many calories in that 30 mins and go a few miles.  I also follow the body for life program with weight lifting which I posted last month.  Every other day is either upper or lower body and one day a week is full body which I usually do with a resistance band with a pilates workout.  I love to speed walk up and down different inclines around the park for at least 30 mins or a workout from the toneitup website or dailyhitt which I posted before as well.  So pretty much to break it down now since you know how to use the elliptical and always do interval training.  This changes so I don't ever plateau but this is pretty much it.

Sunday- Off
Monday- 30 mins of cardio (elliptical) w/ upper body weights
Tuesday- 30 min cardio (speed walking) w/ full body workout (toneitup, dailyhitt, or pilates)
Wednesday- 30 min cardio (elliptical) w/ lower body weights
Thursday- 2 workouts from one of the websites or one with pilates
Friday- 30 min cardio (elliptical) w/ upper body weights
Saturday- 30 min cardio (elliptical or freestrider) w/ lower body weights

Obviously if the machines aren't open I switch and do the bike for 15 minutes on an interval training setting then a freestrider.  As long as you get a solid 30 min hard workout in your good =)  

Remember- within 30 mins RIGHT after you workout you need your protein.  Thats usually when I drink my EAS protein shake or eat a can of tuna with only a teaspoon of olive oil, red wine vinegar and ms. dash.  Lots of protein!  

I have lots of random stuff in my house but I have a resistance band I use for different at home workouts and an exercise ball, dumbbells, strap on leg weights... these things I use all the time to max out my burn.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My secret fat burning weapon...

I NEVER workout without taking this product.  It is truly amazing and I am so glad I found this.  I don't sell Advocare products so I have nothing to gain by telling you how much I love it besides the fact that it does exactly what it says it does.  It gives you so much energy during exercise and makes you sweat!  I love it to death and it is worth its weight in gold.  Drew Brees last year endorsed Advocare products because they really work.  I also have taken a few other supplements from them but I love the herbal cleanse as well.  I have one I am going to do here soon.  Without this I know I wouldn't have hit my goals when I did and felt as good doing them.  This stuff rocks and I wish everyone knew about it!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Went to the gym today and noticed maybe 5 out of 15 people really working out... If you aren't sweating its going to be soo hard to lose weight.  If your workout is easy and you look forward to it than your not doing it right!!  I was sweating so bad today and working so hard that I couldn't wait for my intervals to change.  Now THATS how you work out.  If you have ever watch Biggest Loser those trainers know how to get the job done.  Working out and losing weight shouldn't be a social event or something that comes easy.  Its ok to start off slow at first with walking or biking slow but after a couple weeks max you have to start pushing yourself!!  Unless you have some crazy health problem, obviously talk to your doctor first to see what your true limits are.  Don't sell yourself short!  I have injuries from being in a bad car accident where I totaled my car and chronic pain from having kids but I don't let any of these things stop me, but I definitely know my limits.  PLEASE learn how to use the equipment right... if you don't know what a machine is or if you are using it right ask someone at the gym to show you, you might feel dumb asking but its better to ask than to hurt your body or looking dumb on the machine because you don't know what you are doing!!  My biggest success in the gym is the Elliptical, that thing rocks my world and that with weight training is the only thing I really did to lose all that weight.  BUT I did interval training on it... I never once got off the machine without a bright red face or my legs about to collapse beneath me.  That is a true workout and your body needs to sweat to lose weight!  Remember, protein within the first 30 mins AFTER you workout.  Its crucial.  And make sure you have high quality protein, not the walmart brand.  Do your research on what works best for you.  It should never be easy but it will be totally worth it!!!