Friday, August 2, 2013

This is me

I have been debating for months putting up progress pics and debating if I should put this one up or not.  This is one of the hardest things for me to post. This picture of me was taken the week my second baby turned 6 months old.  Its not photoshopped in anyway.  I didn't do it to show off or make people feel bad but for me this is a huge step forward.  Being raw and putting myself out there takes a lot of GUTS!  I have been working so hard to get to where I am at and I wanted to prove to people, especially those mommies out there, that you CAN look your best if not better after having kids.  I am tired of hearing "Well I have had kids and my body will never be the same"  Its a lame copout honestly because I know so many moms who look better after having kids.  Its a mentality you don't have to settle for!  Sure, your hips might spread and never go back down, like mine.  You might be torn from your chest to your knees, like me.  You might have a kangaroo pouch as I call it, like me.  Hence why my pants are pulled up to hid my sagging skin. You might be like me and never be in a bikini again but who CARES!!!!!!!  I am over it really, I know that I can't fix my skin or my hundreds of stretch marks so I just own it.  Like I am owning this picture of me, it doesn't get more real than this!  I am trying to prove a point that no one is perfect and I am right up there with soooo many of you.  But its time to feel confident with what you have until you achieve your goals!  Fake it till you make it lol.  But seriously, I am shaking getting ready to post this picture because I sure as heck don't look like I do crossfit or workout 3 hours a day but living a healthy life can get you things you might not have ever thought you could have.  I have never been so lean in my life, even when I weighed the same in high school, my body is so different!  So prove to yourself that you can do it because you are worth it!!  I really hope this just helps inspire one person, thats what this whole blog is about!!  =)

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